I am new to WPF and MVVM and am working on an application which has a few views. Right now I have a View(HomePageView) shown in the shellView's context. Now using a button in the HomePageView I want to load another View in place of the currently shown HomePageView. After looking it up on google, I found something about Event Aggregators. I would request someone to explain the implementation or direct to a good sample application.

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If your new to WPF MVVM I'd suggest first picking a decent helper tool

There are quite a few options. MVVM Light, Prism, MEF

I'd suggest MVVM light. Simple and easy to get up and running. Prism isnt solely a MVVM Helper but includes features to assist with MVVM. Not done much with MEF myself or things like Caliburn Micro.

As for a sample to explain how navigation between views work with MVVM Light try:


MVVM Light on CodePlex:


^^ link has forwards to some video presentations totally worth watching

Another nice sample using MVVM Light:


These should help you get started and you always got https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/wpf for particular questions :)

  • Thanks! I will go through the links. – Pranjal Mar 22 '13 at 18:19

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