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I'm using PEAR Mail function to send my emails to clients. The code is written bellow.



   $email =   $_POST['email'];
   $subject = $_POST['subject'];
   $message = $_POST['message'];

   $from = "Contact <contact@artnmotionphotos.com>";
   $subject = $subject;
   $to = $email;

   if(emailHtml($from,$to,$subject,$message) == 1){
      echo "sis";
   } else {
      echo "no mail sent";

   function emailHtml($from, $to, $subject, $message){

      $headers = array('From' => $from, 'To' => $to, 'Subject' => $subject);

      $smtp = Mail::factory('smtp');

      $mail = $smtp->send($to, $headers, $message);

          return 0;
      }  else {
          return 1;


My php5.ini file is configured correctly as ...

register_globals = off
allow_url_fopen = off

expose_php = Off
max_input_time = 60
variables_order = "EGPCS"
extension_dir = ./
upload_tmp_dir = /tmp
precision = 12
SMTP = relay-hosting.secureserver.net
smtp_port = 25
sendmail_from= "contact@artnmotionphotos.com"
url_rewriter.tags = "a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=,fieldset="

include_path = ".:/home/content/92/9082392/html/PEAR/Mail/smtp.php"
include_path = ".:/home/content/92/9082392/html/PEAR/Mail/mail.php"
include_path = ".:/home/content/92/9082392/html/PEAR/";

; Only uncomment zend optimizer lines if your application requires Zend Optimizer support


; -- Be very careful to not to disable a function which might be needed!
; -- Uncomment the following lines to increase the security of your PHP site.

;disable_functions = "highlight_file,ini_alter,ini_restore,openlog,passthru,
;             phpinfo, exec, system, dl, fsockopen, set_time_limit,
;                     popen, proc_open, proc_nice,shell_exec,show_source,symlink"

PEAR::isError($mail) is reporting that there were no problems and the message was sent, which leaves me to believe that the mail is being thrown away as spam. I cannot even get mail to go into spam box at my yahoo address. Please let me know whats wrong. Thanks.

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No thats not the problem. There is Mail.php and /Mail/mail.php. Mail.php will initiate mail.php. –  Dr.Knowitall Mar 23 '13 at 1:23
Wouldn't you see that as a "conflict"? –  Fred -ii- Mar 23 '13 at 1:23
It would give me an error if it were. I followed a tutorial which told to do it that way. kennethsutherland.com/2012/07/27/… –  Dr.Knowitall Mar 23 '13 at 1:26

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You should always check your system's mail log first. If your message made it past PHP (which it seems like it did due to your success return value), then an entry will be sitting in your log saying the message was sent or deferred/rejected with the reason.

If you have a shell on your godaddy account you could run:

# grep user@yahoo.com /var/log/maillog
path to log may be diffent on different OS's

In addition you could also do a direct SMTP conversation http://www.earthinfo.org/example-smtp-conversation/ to figure out if its on the PHP level, SMTP, or Yahoo filtering issue:

# telnet localhost 25
do smtp conversation

good luck!

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