I have a multi-lingual site with content managed by ResourceBundles. How can I use JSF navigation to insert links to website sections using paragraph content.

Example 1: Desired HTML output

<p>Simply <a href="contact.xhtml">contact us</a> to find out more.</p>

Example 2: Simple facelt to achieve the above

<p>Simply <h:link outcome="contact" value="contact us"/> to find out more.</p>

Desired result: Same but with ResourceBundle


    <h:outputText value="${template['paragraph']}">
            <h:link outcome="contact" value="${template['contactUs']}"/>


paragraph=Simply {0} to find out more.
contactUs=contact us

The problem is not exactly the JSF navigation rules, but that you cannot use <f:param> to specify JSF components as bundle parameter, let alone plain vanilla HTML children. Also, please note that you cannot use <f:param> in <h:outputText>, but only in <h:outputFormat>.

In order to achieve the functional requirement anyway, you've to write down the HTML in escaped flavor as <f:param value> yourself.

<h:outputFormat value="#{template['paragraph']}" escape="false">
    <f:param value="&lt;a href='#{request.contextPath}/contact.xhtml'&gt;#{template['contactUs']}&lt;/a&gt;" />

or, if you'd like to utilize JSF ViewHandler#getBookmarkableURL() like as <h:link> is doing for its outcome attribute,

<h:outputFormat value="#{template['paragraph']}" escape="false">
    <f:param value="&lt;a href='#{facesContext.application.viewHandler.getBookmarkableURL(facesContext, '/contact', null, false)}'&gt;#{template['contactUs']}&lt;/a&gt;" />

Since you're not the first one who stumbled upon this and the workarounds are awkward, the JSF utility library OmniFaces has recently updated its <o:param> component with support to encode children as param value when no value is specified. From OmniFaces 1.5 on, you should be able to use it as follows:

<h:outputFormat value="#{template['paragraph']}" escape="false">
    <o:param><h:link outcome="contact" value="#{template['contactUs']}" /></o:param>
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  • Excactly what I needed, thanks BalusC! It would even get more uglier if query parameters would be needed with linked converters. – djmj May 20 '13 at 18:57

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