I'm working with DirectShow in firemonkey, and i have a problem with outputting Video.


I need handle of TPanel, to display video at it. But FMX controls have no handle. I know, that Firemonkey is not based on traditional windows and FMX do not provide this, but how to solve this problem? I have no idea, please, help me.

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    I'd say, you'll be out of luck. Although, you might use a form as the target of the IVideoWindow.Owner by converting form's Handle with FmxHandleToHWND function or take a look at alternative ways of playing video files e.g. at How to play video files in Firemonkey.
    – TLama
    Mar 23 '13 at 19:02

If you want to get a window handle as an HWND (windows api) type, you can now call this function:


Put in your uses section:


Note that just calling WindowHandleToPlatform(form1.Handle) will not work, you have to access .wnd to obtain the winapi handle.

Since this makes an application less portable, it is also a good idea to put {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS} whenever doing this, and if you ever port to MacOS, you'll have to write code for that platform. Or put this code into a separate unit that deals with MS Windows related code only, and IFDEF the unit into your uses.


FmxHandleToHWND is marked deprecated now.

WindowHandleToPlatform will convert given FireMonkey handle to its platform dependent window handle (in your case a Windows handle).


To get handle of a panel, try this :


  Handle : HWND;


  Handle := TWinWindowHandle (Panel1).Wnd;


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