I have a column for weight (in Kg). When the user clicks on it I need to enable them to be able to put in decimal number with 3 places.

The problem I have is at the moment it only allows them to put it in to 2 places, but shows as 3 places. You can type in a number to many decimal places but when it saves it will round it to 2 places.

My column is set up like so:

        field: "weight",
        title: "Weight",
        width: 40,
        format: "n4",
        decimals: 4,
        step: 0.001,
        template: "#= weight.toFixed(3)+'kg' #"

I have tried a few things but none work.

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Several questions (afaik):

  1. Format in columns is not defined as n4 but as {0:n4}.
  2. Formats are not just for the format of the number but might also include some text. Ex: {0:n4} Kg.
  3. For numeric columns, is not possible to specify attributes as decimals, step so you should define an editor function.

In addition, I don't understand your problems with decimals and round.

What I suggest is define the columns as:

    field: "weight",
    title: "Weight",
    width: 40,
    editor: numberEditor,
    format: '{0:n3} Kg.'

(assuming that you want three decimal precision) and define numberEditor as:

function numberEditor(container, options) {
    $('<input name="' + options.field + '"/>')
                format  : "{0:n3}",
                decimals: 3,
                step    : 0.001

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