I'm writing a plugin for a website that I have no control over except my ability to add JS code to it (in fact it's a set of html docs generated by an obsolete wysiwyg html editor).

For my purposes, I need to get all variables that are named in a certain way. The name always begins with zzz and ends with a number, from zzz1 to zzz999999. Right now I'm doing the following:

for (var i=1; i<999999; i++) {
    if (typeof window['zzz'+i] !== 'undefined') { 
       ArrayOfAllFoundVariables.push( window['zzz'+i] )

I wonder if there is a more efficient way to detect these variables other than iterating through a million of undefineds.

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You can iterate through all top level variables (properties of window), and then test if their name match some regex pattern. Collect the matching variables as before.

var pattern = /^zzz[0-9]+/;
for (var varName in window) {
    if (pattern.test(varName)) {

Mikke beat me to it :)

for (element in window) {
  if (element.substring(0,3) == 'zzz') {


but I missed out the number part :) ... well done Mikke ...

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