I am very new to programming and need a little help with getting data from a website and passing it into my PHP script.

The website is http://www.birthdatabase.com/.

I would like to plug in a name (First and Last) and retrieve the result. I know you can query the site by passing the name in the URL, but I am having problems scraping the results.


I am using the file_get_contents($URL) function to get the page but need help after that. Specifically, I would like to scrape only the results from a certain state if there are multiple results for that name.

Thanks for your help.


You need the awesome simple_html_dom class.

With this class you can query the webpage's DOM in a similar way to jQuery.

First include the class in your page, then get the page content with this snippet:

$html = file_get_html('http://www.birthdatabase.com/cgi-bin/query.pl?textfield=' . $first . '&textfield2=' . $last . '&age=&affid=');

Then you can use CSS selections to scrape your data (something like this):

$n = 0;
foreach($html->find('table tbody tr td div font b table tbody') as $element) {
    @$row[$n]['tr']  = $element->find('tr')->text;

// output your data
  • Thanks for the help. This class definitely looks like what I need. The output from birthdatabase.com contains multiple tables and there are no unique tags to scrape. I hope i'm using the right terminology. I am such a noob at all of this, so any help would be appreciated. Mar 24 '13 at 18:58
  • I'm not from the US so I don't know the answer to this but could you use the ZIP code to force the state you want somehow? Mar 24 '13 at 19:47
  • The states are listed as part of the output. I could probably search for the appropriate values in the array and then output the corresponding birthdays. I guess my question is still in relation to getting that array in the first place. The output of the database has multiple tables that contain ads and other nonsense that I don't want in the array. How do i get around that? Mar 24 '13 at 20:01
  • Otherwise you will need to either find a way to make them un-paginate the data or make MANY requests to their server. To get all items -- then loop and filter based on the state column. Mar 24 '13 at 20:06
  • I have amended my answer with a better CSS DOM path Mar 24 '13 at 20:18

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