I'm trying to write a helper to translate a string from "something_like_this" to "Something like this". I'm using "something_like_this".titlecase to get it to "Something Like This" but I'm stuck lowercasing every uppercase letter except the first.

I suppose I'm looking for something like this:

def write_sentence
  #that should be something to lowercase everything except the first letter
  return string

So in the view I could just write string.write_sentence and have it return exactly what I want. Any thoughts?



I should mention that the string can sometimes be just one word, in which case the string should be converted from "something" to "Something".


Try this,



  • Seriously. Mind blown. – Tony Gaeta Sep 25 '15 at 19:29

Easiest solution would probably be to just grab the first letter, uppercase it, and then put it together with a new string where the first letter has already been removed. Then just running a normal replace to change _ into . No need for any fancy regex here.

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