Is there a way to convert a number of dta files to tab separated files at once, without loading each data set into Stata?

Something like :

x<- get *.dta filenames from directory
foreach file_with_filename in x
     convert to tab separated file 

Apparently the outsheet function can be only used by referring to the dataset (or variable names) currently loaded in memory.



Something like this. Here fs is a convenience command that you need to install, but only once.

ssc inst fs, replace
fs *.dta 

foreach f in `r(files)' {
    use "`f'" 
    local newname : subinstr local f ".dta" ".txt" 
    outsheet using `newname'

Note that outsheet is a command, not a function.

(edited to remove forcing of comma separation; question was about tab separation)

  • Excellent, this is exactly what I need. – agatha Mar 25 '13 at 21:36

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