I have an interesting problem:

My girfriend (painter...) wants to have a web page like this:

  1. The first page is just an image, through all screen - with no slider etc. So there is a problem of resizing images for different resolutions.
  2. On this image are some windows, where a user can navigate through the rest of the page.


  1. So, for the first problem there is a nice solution - jquery. It works great, no problem.

  2. For the second problem, there is image maps, which works fine.


How do I combine the first and second solutions? The only problem I haven't found a solution for yet is how to dynamically calculate imagemap coordinates for a polygonal shape. (ie whatever the screen resolution is, the imagemap properties will always stay at the right spot).

For rectangle shapes I found this. What about poly shape?

Does somebody have some ideas on how to accomplish this?


You can use JQuery plugin ImageMapster for your image-maps. This plugin can dinamically re-count areas after resizig and have other usefull features.

And ever if you deside to write own solution, I suppose explore the code of the plugin can help you with your resizing task.


The solution should be the same as it is for the rect shape, because you're just scaling co-ordinates in both cases.

A point is a point, and both shapes are made up of points.

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