I have a string format which can be like

"( C1 AND C2 OR C3 AND C4) OR (C5 AND C6 ) OR C7"

now there is going to generic string like this and i need to remove any space b/w '(' ')' and the 'C' which is condition for above example i want it to be changed to

"(C1 AND C2 OR C3 AND C4) OR (C5 AND C6) OR C7"

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From this SO answer.

Use the replace function from here

String.prototype.replaceAll = function(str1, str2, ignore)
   return this.replace(new RegExp(str1.replace(/([\,\!\\\^\$\{\}\[\]\(\)\.\*\+\?\|\<\>\-\&])/g, function(c){return "\\" + c;}), "g"+(ignore?"i":"")), str2);
var str = "( C1 AND C2 OR C3 AND C4) OR (C5 AND C6 ) OR C7";
str.replaceAll("( ", "(").replaceAll(" )", ")");

Jack's answer is much better and more succinct though.

var str = "( C1 AND C2 OR C3 AND C4) OR (C5 AND C6 ) OR C7";

str.replace(/(\()\s+|\s+(\))/g, '$1$2')

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