I have written a Webdriver test that when ran, sometimes completes and sometimes doesn't.

I can't see why, my guess is that the way I verify that the page has loaded is not robust.

I verify that the website is in the correct place by waiting for a element "id/name/css or text on page, but there some elements that I can find:

<a href="javascript:doaction('1');">
<img src="images/english/go.gif" border="0" width="39" height="24"></a>

<a href="javascript:doaction('2');">
<img src="images/english/go.gif" border="0" width="39" height="24"></a>

<a href="javascript:doaction('3');">
<img src="images/english/go.gif" border="0" width="39" height="24"></a>

Does anyone no of an effective way find these elements?

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You can find the element by its attributes, like href and src.

By link = By.cssSelector("a[href=\"javascript:doaction('1');\"]"); // The quotes are escaped out because of the single quotes in the href.  Normally I would just do like I did with src and use single quotes around the href
By src = By.cssSelector("img[src='images/english/go.gif']");

WebElement linkElement = driver.findElement(link);

WebElement srcElement = driver.findElement(src);

You can always use a method from By that is linkText, that find's the elements according to it's href="" property.

i.e. (assuming driver is already started).

By doActionOneAnchor = By.linkText("javascript:doaction('1')");
WebElement doActionOne = driver.findElement(doActionOne);

That's the WebElement you will be able to use it. If for some reason you need to act upon the images itself you can always do:

WebElement imgDoActionOne = doActionOne.findElement(By.tagName("img"));

Hope it helps.

  • how do you find the Image element by its "src"? Mar 26, 2013 at 12:33
  • 1
    I am not sure the 1st part of your example is correct surely linkText refers to the interal text of the tag like this: <a class="rightmenuanchor" href="javascript:jumptosection('TEAM');">Team</a> Mar 26, 2013 at 14:15

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