I have a table with class 'table-hover'. The default hover over color is a white / light grey. How do I change this color?

I've tried overwriting the default by adding the following to my dominant style sheet

.table-hover tbody tr:hover > th {
  background-color: #D1D119;

Unfortunately, the above does not work


Give this a try:

.table-hover tbody tr:hover td, .table-hover tbody tr:hover th {
  background-color: #color;
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    Why is the td needed? (sorry I'm worthless at css, trying to learn) – Alexander Derck Mar 14 '16 at 14:32
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    @AlexanderDerck I suppose this could be a bit late, but the td is needed because it's further down the dom from its row, and if there is a background already applied to the td, then you won't see the row's background because it'll be painted after the row. – Palu Macil Nov 10 '17 at 14:39

This was the most simple way to do it imo and it worked for me.

.table-hover tbody tr:hover td {
    background: aqua;

Not sure why you would want to change the heading color to the same hover color as the rows but if you do then you can use the above solutions. If you just want t


This worked for me:

.table tbody tr:hover td, .table tbody tr:hover th {
    background-color: #eeeeea;

This is for bootstrap v4 compiled via grunt or some other task runner

You would need to change $table-hover-bg to set the highlight on hover

$table-cell-padding:            .75rem !default;
$table-sm-cell-padding:         .3rem !default;

$table-bg:                      transparent !default;
$table-accent-bg:               rgba(0,0,0,.05) !default;
$table-hover-bg:                rgba(0,0,0,.075) !default;
$table-active-bg:               $table-hover-bg !default;

$table-border-width:            $border-width !default;
$table-border-color:            $gray-lighter !default;
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    For anyone stumbling on this using npm, it's actually $table-hover-bg, $table-active-bg and so on, not $table-bg-.... Thought I was going crazy for a minute 😅 – jaymz Aug 21 at 13:33
  • @jaymz - Thanks. I have updated this – styks Aug 21 at 13:54


<table class="table table-hover">


.table-hover thead tr:hover th, .table-hover tbody tr:hover td {
    background-color: #D1D119;

The css code indicate that:

mouse over row:

.table-hover > thead > tr:hover

background color of th will change to #D1D119


Same action will happen for tbody

.table-hover tbody tr:hover td

  • Some explenation would help to understnad your answer better. – Romano Zumbé Aug 6 '15 at 13:14
  • @Romano. If you have any confution you can ask again. – Tanvir Rahman Aug 6 '15 at 13:43


.table-hover > tbody > tr.active:hover > th {
                background-color: #color;

For me @pvskisteak5 answer has caused a "flicker-effect". To fix this, add the following:

            .table-hover tbody tr:hover,
            .table-hover tbody tr:hover td,
            .table-hover tbody tr:hover th{
                background:#22313F !important;
                color:#fff !important;

Instead of changing the default table-hover class, make a new class ( anotherhover ) and apply it to the table that you need this effect for.

Code as below;

.anotherhover tbody tr:hover td { background: CornflowerBlue; }
.table-hover tbody tr:hover td {
    background: aqua;

this is the best solution i can gice so far.it works out perfectly in such scena

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