I am following our wiki page and first we install Maven with HomeBrew and change the path to look like this:

Apache Maven 3.0.4 (r1232337; 2012-01-17 02:44:56-0600)
Maven home: /usr/local/Cellar/maven/3.0.4/libexec

Now it says do this:

Add your maven home as a Maven installation (Eclipse -> Preferences -> Maven -> Installations)

So here I am :

enter image description here

So I should add that Maven Home path posted above in here? But when I click on the Add... button it open a dialog to point it to some folder, but I can't navigate to that /usr folder at all. Can't find it.

  • It doesn't let you navigate your HD? In any case, I never install anything Java-ish via homebrew, I always just drop it in a directory--much easier, IMO. Mar 26 '13 at 20:47

When you click add, you need to browse for your MAVEN_HOME folder of your external Maven installation. It sounds like your instructions assume you have already installed it outside of eclipse.

  • @Dave Newton Sometimes in eclipse, you can select the wrong option which only allows you to browse for folders/projects within your eclipse workspace.
    – JamesB
    Mar 26 '13 at 21:01

One solution is to ensure that your machine is visible in the Finder sidebar, as follows:

  1. Open Finder Preferences
  2. Go to the Sidebar tab
  3. Look in the Devices section; the first item listed should be your Mac (mine is called "Andrew's Mac Pro" - make sure it's ticked.

Now when you click the "Add..." button in the dialog that you posted above, you'll be able to navigate to your_machine_name/your_HDD/usr/local/Cellar/maven/x.x.x/libexec and choose that directory. This just worked for me on OSX 10.8.3 with Eclipse Juno SR2.


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