I try rename one field in all documents of a collection, with

db.coll.update({},{ $rename: {'originField':'newField'} });

but only one document is changed, why ?


All updates in MongoDB are, by default, singular. You must add a third option to your command to make:

db.coll.update({},{ $rename: {'originField':'newField'} }, {multi:true});

If you are using 3.2 and above you can use updateMany():

db.coll.updateMany({}, {$rename: {'originField': "newField"}})
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db.collectionname.update( { "field" : "oldvalue" }, { $set:{ "field" : "newvalue" } }, { multi : true } );
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    How to do it for oldvalue+"some string" – Mahesh K Nov 14 '17 at 11:02

Since MongoDB 3.2, you can use this shorter syntax:

db.coll.updateMany({}, {$rename: {'originField': "newField"}})

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