This is a silly question, but I seriously didn't find an answer...

I have a one-to-many relationship from the Entity Events to Discounts and I set a relationship like this in Xcode:

enter image description here

I need that relationship to be inverse, so I can check which Event a Discount is from, but in XCode I can only choose "No Inverse." How can I set that relationship to be inverse?!

If you have to do it programatically, first, seriously? It can't be done from XCode? Secondly, how can I do it? And where should this be done?



To be able to set inverse relationship you need to create it first in destination entity.

So in Discounts entity create relationship to Event that you want to use as reverse (e.g. event), then you will be able to choose it as reverse for your toDiscounts relationship

  • Ah, one question, so when I try access the Event from Discount I have to something like [discount valueForKey:@"toEvent"] or [discount valueForKey:@"toDiscount"] ? or both are good?
    – subharb
    Mar 27 '13 at 11:11
  • You can use discount.toEvent property or [discount valueForKey:@"toEvent"]
    – Vladimir
    Mar 27 '13 at 11:24

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