What I'd like to achieve is:

  • parsing a chunk of XML
  • editing some values
  • saving the end result in a new xml file

The module is sax-js: https://github.com/isaacs/sax-js#readme

The module has some built-in mechanism to read/write any.

I thought the task would be a piece of cake; on the contrary I have been struggling with it for the whole day.

Here is my code:

var fs = require('fs');
var saxStream = require("sax").createStream(true);

saxStream.on("text", function (node) {
    if (node === 'foo') { //the content I want to update
    node = 'blabla';    

I did think that updating some content (see the comment above) would suffice to write the updated stream into a new file.

What's wrong with this code?

Thanks for your help,



The sax module doesn't let you modify nodes like that. If you take a look at this bit of code, you'll see that the input is passed indiscriminately to the output.

All hope is not, however, lost! Check out the pretty-print example - it would be a good starting point for what you want to do. You'd have to do a bit of work to implement the readable part of the stream, though, if you still want to be able to .pipe() out of it.


Based on deoxxa's answer I wrote an NPM module for this https://www.npmjs.com/package/sax-streamer


If you know the general structure of the XML, you can try xml-flow. It converts an XML stream into objects, but has a utility to convert them back to xml strings: https://github.com/matthewmatician/xml-flow

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