How would i upgrade the solution provided in this question How can I create a "Please Wait, Loading..." animation using jQuery?

to work with JQuery 1.9.2?

I can't seem to get it to work. I've tried the following

$(document).ajaxStart(function(){   $("body").addClass("loading"); });
$(document).ajaxStart(function(){   $("body").removeClass("loading"); });

but that hasn't worked?

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I think you meant to do this (using ajaxStop() for the second one):

$(document).ajaxStart(function(){   $("body").addClass("loading"); });
$(document).ajaxStop(function(){   $("body").removeClass("loading"); });

See it working here on a modified version of your jsFiddle:

Also, a little more efficient to use document.body instead of "body":

$(document).ajaxStart(function(){   $(document.body).addClass("loading"); });
$(document).ajaxStop(function(){   $(document.body).removeClass("loading"); });

The second event should be ajaxComplete

$(document).ajaxComplete(function(){   $("body").removeClass("loading"); });

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