I'm using Markdown with Liquid tags to mark up some code for a Jekyll-generated site and would like to include some code that is both in-line (in a paragraph) and has coloured syntax (with Pygments), but it does not appear to work.

The markup

Lorem ipsum dolor {% highlight javascript %} var sit = "amet"; {% endhighlight %} consectetur adipiscing elit.

results in

<p>Lorem ipsum dolor <div class='highlight'><pre><code class='javascript'> <span class='kd'>var</span> <span class='nx'>sit</span> <span class='o'>=</span> <span class='s2'>&quot;amet&quot;</span><span class='p'>;</span></code></pre></div> consectetur adipiscing elit.</p>

I would very much like highlighted text not be wrapped in <div class='highlight'>, or at least have it be a <span class='highlight'>.

Using {% highlight javascript nowrap %} does not work, as suggested elsewhere. (Perhaps this is an issue with my setup—which is Ruby 2.0, Jekyll 0.12.1, pygments.rb 0.3.7?)

I would like to host this page on GitHub, which means I cannot rely on a plugin. Bummer, right?

Addendum: Line numbering (ie. {% highlight javascript linenos %}) does not appear to work either. Man.


The easiest way to do this is to use Github Flavoured Markdown and use their default inline code.

in your _config.yml file, change your markdown to redcarpet. You're now ready to go with GFM.

markdown: redcarpet

Now you can follow all the GitHub Markdown. To do inline code as follow:

Here is some `inline code` in the middle of sencence
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    Normal inline code is easy. The issue is getting Pygments syntax highlighted inline code. – Six Nov 30 '15 at 3:15

You can add a CSS class to any object you put in a post.

If you define a CSS entry like this:

.inlined { display:inline; }

You can then add this class to the generated <div> doing this:

Lorem ipsum dolor 
{% highlight javascript %}var sit="amet"; {% endhighlight %}{: .inlined } 
consectetur adipiscing elit.

This works with all kind of objects (tables, images, etc). I can not test it right now, but I think this will solve the issue.

When you test it, look at the output HTML. You will then find that your <div> now has the class=inlined attribute set.

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    Downvoter, please explain why so I can improve or correct my answer. – felixgaal Jun 13 '14 at 15:41

What's the problem with the .highlight div? It's put there to make syntax highlighting easy to theme. To change the wrapper to a span my bet is that you haveto change Jekyll configuration.

Linenumbers only appear when you have a multi-line snippet.


If you include the following two functions (and call them):

var inlineElements = function() {
    var inlinedElements = document.getElementsByClassName('inlined');
    inlinedElements = Array.prototype.concat.apply([], inlinedElements); // copy
    for (var i = 0; i < inlinedElements.length; i++) {
        var div = inlinedElements[i];
        var span = document.createElement('span');
        span.innerHTML = div.children[0].innerHTML;
        var previous = div.previousElementSibling;
        var paragraph;
        if (previous.tagName.toLowerCase() === 'p') {
            paragraph = previous;
        } else {
            paragraph = document.createElement('p');
            div.parentNode.insertBefore(paragraph, div);
        paragraph.innerHTML += ' ' + span.innerHTML + ' ';
        if (div.classList.contains('connectNext')) {

var connectElements = function() {
    while (true) {
        var connectNextElements = document.getElementsByClassName('connectNext');
        if (connectNextElements.length == 0) break;
        var prefix = connectNextElements[0];
        var next = prefix.nextElementSibling;
        prefix.innerHTML += ' ' + next.innerHTML;
        if (!next.classList.contains('connectNext')) {


You can use .inline and .connectNext in your Markdown:

{% highlight objective-c %}
[[NSObject alloc] init];
{% endhighlight %} {: .inlined .connectNext }
{% highlight java %}
new Object();
{% endhighlight %} {: .inlined }

.connectNext will make ensure that the text following the code block is also inlined in the same <p>.

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