We're having to reboot frequently (once per day) because we're getting a 9001 error from SQL Server on our VPS. Rebooting seems to resolve the problem, and we're discussing it with our provider.

Q: Does everyone lose their session scope when we reboot?

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    they also loose their session when coldfusion services are restarted too. – steve Mar 28 '13 at 15:44

CF10 on Tomcat has the ability to save sessions over restarts according to Charlie Arehart's Hidden Gems in CF10.

Perhaps best hidden gem in CF10 (and Tomcat)

  • Ability to save sessions over restarts. Yes!
  • Some important pros and cons to seriously consider
  • Takes some knowledge of configuration within Tomcat (which you now have)
  • More: http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-7.0-doc/config/manager.html
  • Need to modify [cf10][instance]\runtime\conf\context.xml
  • Adobe doc’s brief discussion in “Installing CF 10” is confused, sadly
  • See p20, “Enabling persistent session” (sic)
  • Says to uncomment an already uncommented line of XML
  • Key is, if uncommented, MANAGER element must not have blank PATH, so:
  • Can either comment it (it’s not commented by default in CF10, but PATH is blank)
  • Or can set a PATH value. PATH=“sessions.ser” would save sessions to sessions.ser file
  • In [cf10][instance]\runtime\work\Catalina\localhost\tmp

CF needs to be restarted after change to take effect

  • Test: config/restart/create sessions/restart again/test if saved
  • Good news: even complex variables persist (queries, CFCs, structs, etc.)
  • Gotcha: only saves sessions at normal CF shutdown
  • If CF crashes/is killed, sessions are NOT saved/restored
  • But then no different than things are now. Just bad if you “expect” save
  • Also, can be a lot of I/O at shutdown, then startup, esp. if many sessions
  • You may have more sessions than you think, due to spiders, bots, etc.
  • May confuse you: sessions.ser file will not appear while CF is up
  • Is created on shutdown, deleted after startup

Yes, assuming that you are using ColdFusion's session scope in memory. All memory is cleared when the server is rebooted. Sessions could persist if you are using a database or some other external source.

And for what its worth, the application scope and server scope are also cleared.

  • Client variables can be stored in a database, but not session, right? BTW, we don't use client variables at all. – Phillip Senn Mar 28 '13 at 15:11
  • I believe so via the ColdFusion administrator but you could develop your own session database. It would be custom code. – Miguel-F Mar 28 '13 at 15:12

Miguel-F's answer is correct but here it is right out of the Horse's mouth (Adobe docs). I googled "coldfusion session server restart" to find it -- 3rd result. The second result was the originally asked Stack Overflow question from 2010.

Session: Contains variables that are available for a single client browser for a single browser session in an application.

Useful for client-specific information, such as shopping cart contents, that you want to persist while the client is visiting your application.

Data is stored in memory and times out after a period of inactivity or when the server shuts down.

ColdFusion Administrator lets you select between two kinds of session management, Standard ColdFusion Session management and J2EE session management. For information about types of session management, see ColdFusion and J2EE session management.

Use the Session scope prefix in the variable name.


Yes. Sessions are server side variables. I tested it just now.

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