Output of tail logs/development.log in XFCE Terminal:

output of tail logs/development.log in XFCE Terminal

multitail log/development.log

output of multitail log/development.log

Rails adds escape codes to log files automatically. See development.log file:

  ^[[1m^[[36m (84.1ms)^[[0m  ^[[1mCREATE TABLE "schema_migrations" ("version" varchar(255) NOT NULL) ^[[0m
  ^[[1m^[[35m (92.6ms)^[[0m  CREATE UNIQUE INDEX "unique_schema_migrations" ON "schema_migrations" ("version")
  ^[[1m^[[36m (0.2ms)^[[0m  ^[[1mSELECT version FROM "schema_migrations"^[[0m
  ^[[1m^[[35m (159.3ms)^[[0m  INSERT INTO "schema_migrations" (version) VALUES ('20130327221553')
  ^[[1m^[[36m (59.9ms)^[[0m  ^[[1mINSERT INTO "schema_migrations" (version) VALUES ('20130326152730')^[[0m
  ^[[1m^[[35m (59.8ms)^[[0m  INSERT INTO "schema_migrations" (version) VALUES ('20130327173637')

multitail -c produce non-usable output.

Output of multitail -c

How to colorize logs in Multitail without writing own color scheme?

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It's all about interpreting ANSI escape sequences which does terminal not tail itself and have to do multitail as well. It can be done with -cT ANSI option:

-cT term    interpret terminal-codes from file/command (for terminal type 'term')


$ multitail -cT ansi log/development.log
multiple files:
$ multitail -cT ansi log/development.log -cT ANSI log/test.log

colorized output of multitail -cT ansi log/development.log

  • 1
    I can't seem to make this work with a piped input... is there a different command for that? edit:: got this working, you just have to make sure the order is correct. multitail -j -cT ansi doesn't work, but multitail -cT ansi -j does
    – Joshua
    Jun 30, 2020 at 0:42
  • This does not seem to work together with -Q i path. I am using version 6.5.0 of multitail. Even without -Q it fails to render certain colors like light black (90). My only working solution was to go back to using tail which renders everything perfectly. I had to go back to writing a single log file, and using logrotate to rotate it.
    – Asclepius
    Aug 3, 2023 at 1:24

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