I installed Oracle DB 11g, everything was working well, but suddenly process OracleDbConsoleorcl didn't start anymore, I try manually but it always shows this message:

Windows could not start OracleDbConsoleorcl on
Local Computer. If this is a non-Microsoft service,
contact the service vendor, and refer the service
specific error code 2

What should I do??

You can use the following command to check the issues/configuration status of OracleDBConsoleorcle:

emctl status dbconsole

You can then configure accordingly.

Oracle 11g: Windows could not start the OracleDBConsoleorcl on Local Computer

I was using the Oracle 11g in my Windows 7 Professional system for few days.. Suddenly, I was not able to use the sql developer to connect the schema/user.

I found that the Oracle... services were down in the Windows services windows.

a) Oracle ORCL VSS Writer Service - running b) OracleDBConsoleorcle - not running c) OracleJobSchedulerORCL - not running d) OracleServiceORCL - not running

When I started the OracleDBConsoleoracle, it thrown a error "Windows could not start the OracleDBConsoleorcl on Local Computer".

(Below solution is worked for me, based on the various fo rum threads)...

  • a. go to C:.......\product\11.1.0\db_1\oc4j\j2ee
  • b. copy paste the folder: OC4J_DBConsole_192.168.x.y_orcl, two times
  • c. rename one of the two new folder as OC4J_DBConsole_localhost_orcl
  • d. rename the other one as OC4J_DBConsole__orcl

after making these changes and a reboot, it started to running.........

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