I use custom powershell functions to make my life easier.


// custom function
> function build {cmd /c build.ps1}

// invoke the function
> build

This works great to allow me to run my build script quickly.
Unforutnately it's easy to forget all of the custom functions that I've created.

Is there a cmdlet that I can run to dump a list of my custom functions? Subsequently, once I know what those functions are, is there a cmdlet that I can run to delete ones that I no longer need?

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To get a list of available functions

> Get-ChildItem function:\

To remove a powershell function

// removes `someFunction`
> Remove-Item function:\someFunction

Add this to your profile:

$sysfunctions = gci function:
function myfunctions {gci function: | where {$sysfunctions -notcontains $_} }

and myfunctions will list just the functions that were created since the session started.

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    Works nicely but needs to be added at the start of your profile, before your custom functions – tocallaghan May 21 '14 at 2:40
  • Stops working if you use . $profile to reload recent changes. Guess it considers the "reload" a new session – Kolob Canyon Oct 5 '16 at 18:37
  • @KolobCanyon No, it doesn't consider anything a "new session." It just re-runs the gci function: command; the return value includes all your custom functions at the time you call . $profile. A potential fix could be to wrap $sysfunctions = gci function: inside an if block that ensures it doesn't already have a value. – jpmc26 Mar 9 '17 at 21:48

One solution for you is to put all your functions in a psm1 file and create a module. That way you can import the module and have all the commands in a nice module.

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