I create a server at port 1234 of localhost. In the client code, I initiated a struct sockaddr_in server_addr and filled it with the server's IP address and port number. When I try to connect a client to the server, I get "Address already in use":

bind(client_sockfd, server_addr, sizeof server_addr)

So the OS thinks that I was trying to create another server socket with the same address and port number. In this case, how can I tell the OS that server_addr is the other endpoint I want to connect to and that it finds another port number for the client's socket?


You need to use bind() only for the server and in the client use

int connect(int socket, const struct sockaddr *address, socklen_t address_len);.

See this tutorial for information about sockets in Linux:



you use connect(client_sockfd, server_addr, sizeof(..)) to tell OS that my client socket should connect to this server address.

If it is UDP socket, you can also use sendto(client_sockfd, ... server_addr) call to specify that the packet should go to this server address.

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