Is it possible for a PHP script to return a line number in which some command is called? I'm having trouble describing what I want so maybe an example.

I have PHP code that calls MySQL on many occasions. In line 49 is:

$resultDevice = mysql_query("Some SQL;") or die ("MySQL-Error in settingsU line 49: " . mysql_error());

The text "line 49" I wrote manually. Is it possible to get this number "49" updated if I change my code? It would make my life easier to debug. Of course I can put some other line-specific text into die, but lines are much easier to find in a text-editor.


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You can use the magic constant __LINE__ for this.

echo  __LINE__;

will show the line number where that statement is in the file.

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    thanks a lot -- it led me directly to some other nice constants.
    – Kris_R
    Mar 28, 2013 at 20:09

if you want a trace you can use(For PHP 4 >= 4.3.0:)

function error_report_function($error) 
return "$error in {$dbgt[1][file]} on line {$dbgt[1][line]}";

You can use debug_backtrace for this or else always pass the line (with __LINE__)


You could use something like this:

function throwSQLError($file, $line, $error) {
    return "MySQL-Error in " . $file . " on line " . $line . ": " . $error;
$result = mysql_query("Some SQL;") or die (throwSQLError(__FILE__, __LINE__, mysql_error()));

This gives you a dynamic function to throw the error you can use multiple times.

Untested, just written in raw editor.

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