I'm using jqGrid with dynamic scrolling and I'd like to use the Inline editing with inlineNav incl. Oleg's solution which makes inline editing finaly useful.

I found dynamic scrolling problematic because not all rows are loaded (and rendered) and Inline editing methods goes wrong when scrolling. To avoid problems, user can't scroll out:

  • can't scroll after selecting the row and then using add/edit
  • can't scroll even without selecting the row, because with no selection, first position is applied (3rd video)
  • can't scroll while adding/editing a row (one solution may be temporarily disabling the scroller)


I've used these addRow position settings: beforeSelected, first and last; before and after are not working at all.

I'm thinking about solve this problem by patching addRow and editRow methods by telling them scroll position and handling loaded/unloaded "pages" when user has scrolled too far and selected record are unloaded. But I'm not sure if this is possible or it will be better to use modal add/edit dialogs.



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