I am trying to use JSTestDriver to automate my Javascript tests with Hudson as the Continuous Integration backend. I'm aiming to get Hudson to at least produce a report on the test results, with failing a build upon failed test as the most desirable outcome.

I did a quick search on the web, and found that Hudson doesn't appear to have a direct plugin for JSTestDriver (it only has one for TeamCity). I was thinking of using Hudson to monitor the javascript tests as an external job, but I have a feeling that this is more complex than required.

Does anyone have experience with/advice to the above scenario?



Does the xUnit plugin cover you?

In general, Hudson testing plugins do not run the tests - you build script should run the tests itself. Then Hudson picks up the report that is generated, and renders it nicely in the Hudson UI.


Found this article that was recently published on this topic. Looks like Hudson supports JsTestDriver via its core functionality. You just have to know how to configure it.



Try this thread: Unable to get hudson to parse JUnit test output XML

Basically jstestdriver generates you JUnit-compliant XML results, when you may further use in your CI system of choice.

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