Say I have an autohotkey script C:\path\to\my\script running. Is there a way to define a hotkey that re-starts it?


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In order to prevent duplicate instances, I normally do not re-launch a script but use the build-in function Reload. I launch this with Ctrl+Win+Alt+R and use Ctrl+Win+Alt+E to edit the main AHK script.


Actually, my script looks like this:

Send, ^s ; To save a changed script
Sleep, 300 ; give it time to save the script


As a matter of fact, all the way at the top of my script I have this to give me a visual and audio indication that the script was restarted:

#SingleInstance Force
Menu, Tray, Icon , Shell32.dll, 25, 1
TrayTip, AutoHotKey, Started, 1
SoundBeep, 300, 150

Make a hotkey that runs a script, which in this case is the same script and then exit.

    Run, C:\path\to\my\script.ahk
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    In order to prevent multiple instances running at the same time (run creates a new instance), I use ^#!r::Reload Mar 29, 2013 at 16:13
  • @RobertIlbrink. If that restarts the script, you should post that as an answer. Your solution may be better than Armin's if it avoids intance duplicates. Mar 29, 2013 at 18:04
  • @RobertIlbrink Reload does exactly the same thing as my suggestion.
    – user1944441
    Mar 29, 2013 at 19:28

Restart the AutoHotkey script with a hotkey. Autohotkey 2.0 version:

#r:: ; press control+r to reload
  msgResult := MsgBox("Do you really want to reload this script?")
  if (msgResult = "Yes")

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I found this to be the safest option of them all, because it takes care that the correct script is reloaded when you have multiple scripts running simultaneously, which was a recurring issue for me. The combination of the following also ensures that only one instance of a script will ever run at a time. The ScriptFullPath variable includes the name of the script.

#SingleInstance Force ;put this at the top of the script
^r::run, %A_ScriptFullPath% 

I asked Chat GPT to write a batch file that will kill all AHK and reload specific ahk scripts. The script works great. I used Microsoft Keyboard setup to run this script when I press button #1 using the favorites button.

@echo off @echo off

set SCRIPT_LOCATION=f:\dropbox\autohotkey if not exist %SCRIPT_LOCATION% set SCRIPT_LOCATION=c:\dropbox\autohotkey

start c:\sysinternals\pskill AutoHotkey.exe timeout 1 start c:\sysinternals\pskill autohotkeyU32.exe timeout 1 start c:\sysinternals\pskill autohotkeyU64.exe timeout 1 start c:\sysinternals\pskill autohotkeyux.exe

start "" "%SCRIPT_LOCATION%\bbb-1-myahkdefault.ahk" timeout 1 start "" "%SCRIPT_LOCATION%\bbb-getactiveur2-works.ahk" timeout 1 start "" "%SCRIPT_LOCATION%\WindowSnipping.ahk" timeout 1 rem start "" "%SCRIPT_LOCATION%\WindowSnipping.ahk"

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