May I know what ?= means in a regular expression? For example, what is its significance in this expression:

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    Tip of the day: to search for special characters there is – Simon Feb 21 '13 at 17:01
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?= is a positive lookahead, a type of zero-width assertion. What it's saying is that the captured match must be followed by whatever is within the parentheses but that part isn't captured.

Your example means the match needs to be followed by zero or more characters and then a digit (but again that part isn't captured).

(?=pattern) is a zero-width positive lookahead assertion. For example, /\w+(?=\t)/ matches a word followed by a tab, without including the tab in $&.

The below expression will find the last number set in a filename before its extension (excluding dot (.)).


file4.txt will match 4.

file123.txt will match 123.

demo.3.js will match 3 and so on.

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    And what does this bring to the question? It is also an explanation by example but doesn't actually answer the question of what is (?=pattern)? – TheLethalCoder Feb 2 '17 at 14:44

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