I'm writing a python script to find error in attribute codes in a feature class. In order to find some of these errors I need to use the select by location tool. But, the select by location tool only takes layers as inputs so I have to create a layer from the feature class. So if I update the error code field in the layer file how do I then populate the error code field in the original feature class?

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One can use the arcpy data access toolbox's UpdateCursor, which is newer and faster than the original form of the UpdateCursor I initially described.

with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor('lulcTV', ['error_field', 'VALUE']) as coverCSR:
    for tree in coverCSR:
        species = tree[1]  # returns'VALUE'. Not really needed, but good to know about
        tree[0] = error_code  # sets first requested field, "error_field"

Original answer

Seems like you could use an UpdateCursor. Example:

for tree in coverCSR:
    species=tree.getValue('VALUE') # not really needed, but good to know about
    tree.setValue('error_field', error_code)

This iterates over all rows, one by one.

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