I tried to add:

using System.Windows.Forms 

But its shows me an error.

I know I must assembly that to my VS2012 but I srsly don't know how. I was searching everywhere and tried everything I've found but none of this helps me.

@edit 1 hour of searching in the web and... 2 minutes after write this post i found... Project >> add Reference...

Solved :]


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If you're using Visual Studio, right click the References folder in your project, select Add Reference... and then on the .NET tab, choose System.Windows.Forms and click OK.

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    I'm using VS2015 and searching for that brings up nothing when following your steps. Commented Dec 15, 2015 at 18:51

Right click on project references in Solution Explorer, choose Add Reference..., there you have to find System.Windows.Forms assembly (under Assemblies=>Framework) and add it to the project.


For people with .NET 6.0:

Add this to your .csproj file (click on the file named after your project in Solution Explorer) before the </Project>:


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