I currently have a pet project which is an asp.net mvc website running in azure. The site is currently running in "free" mode, so I'm only paying for the expense of a SQL Azure database. I want to be able to do some logging/tracing from my site and I've read that using table storage is a viable option since writing to the local disk to not an option. My question is what do I need to create within the Azure portal to get all this working? I know that I will need a storage account but do I need to create a "Cloud service" and the vm that comes along with it? Is it possible to make use of table storage for logging without incurring the cost of creating a stand alone VM?


For the example you listed above, all you'll need is a storage account in Windows Azure which you can create through portal (as you mentioned). You would not need a "Cloud Service".

There will be storage transactions and storage costs associated with the logging data however table storage is extremely cheap and I wouldn't worry much about it just yet given the nature of the project. Just ensure that your storage account and website are in the same data center.

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