I would like to use JMeter to test an application that communicates over sockets. It is done in java. In the server I have the typical

myServerSocket = new ServerSocket(1025);

For every connection a thread reads and understands a line. And in clients I have the typical

clientSocket = new Socket(hostCM, 1025);
out = new PrintWriter(clientSocket.getOutputStream(), true);
out.println("some bit string here");

I would like to use JMeter or any other load testing tool to send lots of requests at the same time and make my stress and load testing. But I dont know how to prepare a test. Is is possible to do this in JMeter at all?


Try using JMeter's Java Request Sampler: http://jmeter.apache.org/usermanual/component_reference.html#Java_Request


So this is good info I was able to get my jmx working by setting the re-use connection and Set No delay in the TCP Sampler. More info here.

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