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  1. I have installed sphinx 2.0.6 version on Amazon Linux.
  2. I have run /usr/local/bin/searchd by root user.
  3. I have set 777 permission to all (all indexfiles ,searchd.log, query.log, ) to avoid permission issue.
  4. I have setup main-delta index.

  5. I want that after insert a new record in database, delta index should be updated from php code. and This new record I want to show to user immediately after insert.
    For this purpose I have used

  6. exec(/usr/local/bin/indexer --rotate delta_index) in my php code. and write code to return this new record using sphinxapi.(using codeignitor framework)

    $result = $this->sphinxclient->query($term,'main delta');

    But everytime I do it, it throws an error:

    index 'delta': search error

  7. Index files are created on there place. But Search is not working.
  8. I have test search from command line also.But following error occurred

    /usr/local/bin/search --index delta test Sphinx 2.0.6-release (r3473)

    using config file '/usr/local/etc/sphinx.conf'... index 'delta': search error:

  9. Please Have anyone any idea where the things go wrong ???

  10. Please help me in how to update index after insert on db via php. & how to sphinx search get in working. Please give me any link, article, guide anything!!!

  11. Thanks In Advance....


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Avoid 777 in all possible cases, specially if you deal with system package config files. Find alternative way like change ownership to required user. Or gave minimum feasible permission. –  kuldeep.kamboj Mar 31 '13 at 18:48

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If you want the 'php' - ie the webuser - to be able to rebuild the indexer. Best to run searchd as that user. So the same user runs indexer and searchd. often 'www-data' or something like 'apache' - depends on distribution.

Set all sphinx files to be owned by that user, do not set 'execute' bit on the files.

If you get "index 'delta': search error" when trying to run a query, suggests, that the query function is using "search" command under the hood - bad! Use the proper sphinxapi (ie sphinxapi.php) - and if it doesnt work check getLastError/getLastWarning.

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Thanks Barry ...Tips are very useful. My problem is resolved... by doing 1. starting searchd service by apache user.... "sudo -u apache /usr/local/bin/searchd " 2. setting appropriate permission to all indexfiles,,bin folder etc.... 3. using sphinxapi.api –  user2119488 Apr 1 '13 at 8:00

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