I'm using datatables for displaying server-side data in tables.

I can't target and style individual cells (<TD>) though. I search a bit and found it might be possible with:

"fnRowCallback": function( nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex ) {

... but I'm not quite sure how because I have a few table and not all have the same number of columns and rows. I want to give common class to all TDs of a 'column'.


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You can use sClass parameter in Columns definition. For example, if you have 3 columns and want to pass custom class for second and third column, you can:

"aoColumns": [
    { "sWidth": "95px", "sClass": "datatables_action" },
    { "sWidth": "45px", "sClass": "datatables_action" }

You can check datatables documentation

  • Worked for me. Thanksss!! Oct 10, 2017 at 18:26

You can use columnDefs to define classes for each column.

Example in coffeescript:

  columnDefs: [
      targets: -1 # targets last column, use 0 for first column
      className: 'last-column'

This is using new API 1.10+.

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    This applies the style to the <th> element too
    – wattry
    Oct 3, 2019 at 12:22

For those who found this question when searching for fnRowCallback and want to add styling based on cell content rather than using static css classes, using the fnRowCallback will do the trick:

oTable = $('#matrix').dataTable({
  "fnRowCallback": function( nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex, iDisplayIndexFull ) {
    for (var i in aData)  {

      // Check if a cell contains data in the following format:
      // '[state] content'
      if (aData[i].substring(0,1)=='[') {

        // remove the state part from the content and use the given state as CSS class
        var stateName= aData[i].substring(1,aData[i].indexOf(']'));
        var content= aData[i].substring(aData[i].indexOf(']')+1);
        $('td:eq('+i+')', nRow).html(content).addClass(stateName);

Hope this may be useful for some future visitor :-)

  • This works only even rows, why is it ignoring other rows Jan 30, 2015 at 8:30
  • Could you post an example here: jsfiddle.net ? I don't see why this would alter every second row. All the script does is: in case a condition is met (inside the if statement), the current row and cell number are used to retrieve a JQuery instance of the cell and to alter content and class of the cell. Your problem may be due to your CSS code having tr:even td or tr:odd td overwriting the style?
    – SaschaM78
    Jan 30, 2015 at 14:11
  • this is a very good soln. However I would like to add the class name to the selected row and not just one cell within that row. Can u plz help with that... thanks.
    – dkjain
    Mar 4, 2015 at 15:08
  • @dkjain could you give this a try: $('td:eq('+i+')', nRow).parent().addClass("NAME"); ?
    – SaschaM78
    Mar 4, 2015 at 15:16
  • Awesome!!! man that works.I pity myself as I am noob in JS, anyways 'll report back if any issues or further query.thanks.
    – dkjain
    Mar 4, 2015 at 15:21

Here's how to do it using createdCell, using DataTables 1.10+ syntax. The benefit of this approach is that you can conditionally style the cells.

"columnDefs": [
        "targets": [16],
        "createdCell": function(td, cellData, rowData, row, col) {
            switch(cellData) {
            case "Pending":
            case "Rejected":
            case "Approved":
            case "SAP":
            case "Reconciled":

If you want to target the row or an individual cell in a callback:

var table = $('#order-history-table').DataTable(
        "ajax": url,
        "pageLength": 20,
        "createdRow": function( row, data, dataIndex ) {

            // Add a class to the cell in the second column

            // Add a class to the row

I was unable to get the 'createdCells' parameter to work so had to do it through the row.

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