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In .NET 4.0 you can simply use LINQ to quickly sort a list by a specific property:

  List<Point> list = ...;    
  sorted = list.OrderBy(p => p.X).ToList(); // sort list of points by X

Can you do something similar when you cannot use .NET 4.0 LINQ syntax?

Is there a one-liner sort syntax?

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You need to use a delegate, almost a one-liner :)

list.Sort(delegate(Point p1, Point p2){
        return p1.X.CompareTo(p2.X);

Check Sort method, that takes Comparison<T>. Avaliable from .NET 2.0

var list = new List<Point>{ /* populate list */ };


public int Comparison (Point a, Point b)
    //do logic comparison with a and b
    return -1;
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    I want to sort by a specific property, when it is a list of objects. – Robinicks Apr 1 '13 at 11:38

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