I'm creating an app which I'd really like to be quite RESTful that follows the HATEOAS REST requirement. On the front-end, I'm looking at using Ember because it seems pretty much in line with how I like to build front-end apps. Unfortunately though, the built-in REST DataSource Adapter doesn't seem to understand how to navigate APIs which follow HATEOAS - I have to specify data in terms of IDs, rather than via URLs.

Google isn't helping me - does anybody know of a Data Adapter which does support HATEOAS? If not, I'll try building one, but I didn't want to waste time!


Ember Data strives to follow the JSON API spec, which came out of the formats that the REST adapter follows.

There are two formats, and while the ID-based format requires the client to have the URLs hard-coded for the resources, the URL-based format works with URL templates to include the links in the representations directly.

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