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I already have a EF Context in my ASP.NET MVC project. If I use WebSecurity I have these questions in my mind about its connection management to SQL Server .

  • Does it use same connection with my EF model for that request? (I think not)
  • Does it create another connection for every request? If so I will have two connections, one for EF the other for WebSecurity.
  • If it use only one connection (since it can be placed into the Application_Start()), what if there are many users surfing the web at the same time? Will it lock other user requests and create a slowness?
  • Does it make a check from database when it sees [Authorize] attribute on every request? (That makes like all pages where users need to be logged in.)

I would really appreciate about its internal mechanisms.

Note: Please ignore connection pooling unless WebMatrix/WebSecurity has an internal connection pooling.


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