I tried using IIF and Switch case, but I am unable to handle N/A case when there would be a divide by zero error. For example:

    ReportItems!Textbox54.Value = 0, "N/A",
    ReportItems!Textbox54.Value <> 0, ((ReportItems!Textbox56.Value) / (ReportItems!Textbox54.Value)))

I am getting N/A with out this:

ReportItems!Textbox54.Value <> 0, ((ReportItems!Textbox56.Value) / (ReportItems!Textbox54.Value)

But if add this condition I am getting an error?

I am using SSRS 2008 R2.



  • What is the value for 56 and 54 in that third case? – Jeroen Apr 1 '13 at 20:14
  • @jeroen both are zeros in error place – nani Apr 1 '13 at 20:22

The problem with the IIF function is that it is a function not a language construct. This means that it evaluates both parameters before passing the parameters to the function. Consequently, if you have a divide by zero error, this will get evaluated and cause an #ERROR condition even when it looks like that code shouldn't be executed due to boolean condition of the IIF statement.

There are two workarounds for this problem:

IIF bypass

Basically make two IIF function calls where you won't get divide by zero errors:

=IIF(ReportItems!Textbox54.Value <> 0, 
    ReportItems!Textbox56.Value / IIF(ReportItems!Textbox54.Value = 0, 1, ReportItems!Textbox54.Value),

So where ReportItems!Textbox54.Value is zero, divide by 1 instead, throw that result away and use N/A.

Custom Code

Create a safe divide by zero function in custom code where you can use real language constructs.

Public Function SafeDivide(ByVal Numerator As Decimal, ByVal Denominator As Decimal) As Decimal
    If Denominator = 0 Then
       Return 0
    End If
    Return (Numerator / Denominator)
End Function

and then use this in your report for the Value expression instead of IIF or SWITCH:

=Code.SafeDivide(ReportItems!Textbox56.Value, ReportItems!Textbox54.Value)

and use a Format string to display zeroes as "N/A":

  • +1 for custom code. A much more pragmatic, versatile and UNDER USED facility. Not to mention under developed... – glh Apr 2 '13 at 11:13
  • While I like the elegance of the Custom Code, a result of 0 is ambiguous - it could result from 0/5 (a genuine 0%) or 5/0 (a N/A result). The genuine 0% would be formatted as N/A. – Mike Honey Jul 5 '16 at 5:01

try the below code

  =IIF(ReportItems!Textbox54.Value = 0,nothing, IIF(ReportItems!Textbox54.Value = 0,1,ReportItems!Textbox56.Value) / IIF(ReportItems!Textbox54.Value = 0,1,ReportItems!Textbox54.Value) )

never zero condition

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