I have HtmlHelper extension method which can accept one template parameter of type T. Next, inside method i want to return editors for some fields in the object marked with special attribute. The problem is that i call this method for instance of HtmlHelper<TModel>, but inside the method i need instance of HtmlHelper<T> to use its Editor method. I've tried to create the default instance like this:

var html = new HtmlHelper<T>(new ViewContext(), new ViewPage());  

but, of course, it doesn't work.
So, how could i create correct instance?

  • "It doesn't work" does not tell us anything. Please explain the actual results you get and tell us the result you expect. Also, please provide some more code to demonstrate what you are trying to do. Apr 13 '13 at 13:20

I don't think you need to re-instance it.

did you try something like this:

public static IHtmlString MyExtensionMethod<T>(this HtmlHelper html, T model) where T : IMyModel
    //your logic that returns a new HtmlString with html.TextBox for example

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