How can I export the contents of the crontab to a file?

I need it because I'm switching usernames and do not want to lose the data in the crontab.

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Create the backup (export):

crontab -l > /some/shared/location/crontab.bak

Import it from the new user:

crontab /some/shared/location/crontab.bak

To add some more cool commands for backuping and restoring crontab. Might be useful.

Backup periodically current cron with cron :)

0 9 * * * crontab -l | gzip > /backups/'crontab-'$(date +"\%Y\%m\%d-\%H\%M\%S")'.gz'

Restore Single User Cronjobs from Backup. Below is two commands which will restored jobs from backup created in above step.

crontab cron-backup.txt
crontab -u john john-cron-backup.txt

Backup all users crontabs

zip -r cronjobs-all.zip /var/spool/cron

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