A while ago I used Xcode to create an RPN calculator for Mac. I used to interface builder and was able to use IBOutlets and IBActions. Now when I try to add an IBOutlet or IBAction I get this message:

Could not insert action connection: could not find any information about the class XMTAppDelegate

My workaround for IBOutlets is to just create them myself and then connect them. Unfortunately this does not work for IBActions. So, my question is: how to I stop Xcode giving me this message. I have read other questions from people with a similar problem but none of the solutions work. I have deleted the derived data folder. I have reinstalled Xcode. Nothing works.

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Try to clean your project and restart Xcode.
If it still cannot be connected, follow the Utilities navigation view of Xcode, in the Target membership section, uncheck & check the checkbox, it will be work. Maybe you should rebuild the project after unchecking.

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