Consider the table schema for table1:

id: int
country_id: int
description: varchar(50)

and the query:

INSERT INTO table1(id, country_id, description) VALUES (1, '20', 'Test Desc'); 

This would work under MySQL 4x but will fail under MySQL 5x (ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for .. ").

I know the reason for this to happen - country_id is int and therefore should not be quoted. Is there a mysql switch under 5x somewhere to make it behave like 4x so the query won't fail?

I've inherited an application that uses queries like this and I'm looking for a quick fix until I can find the time to fix all the queries.

Thank you

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    Are you sure it's not that you have an auto-increment field that you also have a default for? They eliminated that in 5. – phoebus Oct 16 '09 at 10:29
  • Or are you using '' as a default value for an int? You have to use 0 or NULL now. – phoebus Oct 16 '09 at 10:30
  • My apologies, on closer look it seems like the query insert '' for the int field. – Jay Sidri Oct 16 '09 at 10:38
  • the default for the int column is 0 – Jay Sidri Oct 16 '09 at 10:40

There is no problem with '20'. MySql (5.x) also casts '20' to 20 and => this is a valid insert

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