I am a newbie in Common Lisp, going through a tutorial and can't wrap my head around

 (equal '(reverse (a b)) '(b a)))

returns nil.

Much appreciate your assitance.



Quoting in lisp prevents evaluation of the s-exp and passes it around as a function.

Therefore, you're comparing the non-evaluated function '(reverse (a b)) to the list '(a b)

If you changed the code to

(equal (reverse '(a b)) '(b a))

(reverse '(a b)) would yield '(b a), and thus the equal comparison would return true.

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    I'd say "quoted list" rather than "unevaluated function". The only difference between (reverse foo) and (a b) is that reverse is the name of a symbol in the COMMON-LISP package, whereas a is or isn't) a user-defined function. – Vatine Apr 3 '13 at 8:30

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