I have the code of Jquery for link to the asp page as below:

Jquery code:

var url = "script_right2.asp?soc="+societe+"&phoneNum="+phoneNumber+"&seleDro="+sedro+"&desc="+des;

I want to get the value of societe,phoneNumber,seleDro,desc to the page script_right2.asp

But the problem is that I do not know how to get these data in asp page using vbscript.

  • you get the values of querystring in asp pages using Request.QueryString("nameoffield"). you can also use Request("nameoffield"). Is that what you were asking ? – SearchAndResQ Apr 3 '13 at 8:17

I'm not sure what the question is so I'll answer it twice!

To replicate what you have using VBScript:

dim stringUrl
stringUrl = "script_right2.asp?soc=" & societe & "&phoneNum=" & phoneNumber & "&seleDro=" & sedro & "&desc=" & des;

Or, if you want to get the value of the variables from the query string you could do

dim soc
dim phone
dim sedro
dim desc

soc = Request.QueryString("soc")
phone = Request.QueryString("phoneNum")
sedro = Request.QueryString("seleDro")
desc = Request.QueryString("desc")
  • Nice answer . It helps me a lot . So plus vote – Icche Guri Oct 16 '16 at 5:05

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