I love the ease that the ASP.NET Ajax control Toolkit provides to ASP.NET developers. However, I've not found it to be a scalable solution at all. I have a page with 2 date input fields. By putting a TextBox and an CalendarExtendar control attached to it for each date field, I get several (11, in fact) external Javascript calls to /ScriptResource.axd?d=xxxx

Is there any way to control this? Why does it suck so much? What's a better Ajax toolkit for .NET that can provide equal (or better) set of functionality that is more scalable, straight forward and completely customizable? NOT looking to reinvent the wheel here.

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I always preferred to write my Ajax calls in javascript using JQuery or Prototype. ASP.NET Ajax Toolkit does make things easier, but it never seems to do so elegantly.

I personally would make a new Calendar Controller. This way you can control the AJAX (using JQuery/Prototype) calls that are being made.


ASP.NET AJAX allows you to register web services with the ScriptManager which will create JavaScript proxies for you to call. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb515101.aspx.

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