Let's say I have a User model with fields popularity and date_created. I want to do the following query:

SELECT * FROM user ORDER BY popularity DESC, date_created DESC LIMIT 10

In SQLAlchemy, for a single one this works:


Should I just add another order_by()? Or put both popularity and date_created in my current order_by()?

I want popularity to have priority on date_created for ordering.


This should work

User.query.order_by(User.popularity.desc(), User.date_created.desc()).limit(10).all()
  • Well the fact is that I tried User.query.order_by(User.popularity.desc(),User.date_created.desc()).limit(10).all() User.query.order_by(User.popularity.desc()).order_by(User.date_created.desc()).limit(10).all() User.query.order_by(User.date_created.desc()).limit(10).all() and they give me different results... So it seems that giving a second order_by neither overrides the first one nor adds the order condition to the first one? Apr 3 '13 at 16:11
  • (and none of these queries fails, they all give me results, I just don't know which one of the first two is the one I want) Apr 3 '13 at 16:15
  • 6
    Ok, actually both give me the same answer, and I found out the underlying SQL query (thanks to stackoverflow.com/questions/4617291/… ) and they are indeed the same, and the right one. Sorry, and thank you so much for your answer ! Apr 3 '13 at 16:19

What you also could do:

from sqlalchemy import and_, or_
User.query.order_by(and_(User.popularity.desc(), User.date_created.desc())).all()

Note: and_ and or_ are coming from the sqlalchemy library and not from flask_sqlalchemy library. sqlalchemy is a dependency for flask_sqlalchemy, so you should be good.

LTS: You can mix sqlalchemy lib with flask_alchemy lib


I have another example:

user = User.query.order_by(User.id.desc()).limit(10).all()


User is my class db.Modle


You can also use sqlalchemy.sql.text like this:

from sqlalchemy.sql import text

User.query.order_by(text("popularity desc, date_created desc")).limit(10).all()
  • 1
    From my testing, it seems that you need to sanitize what gets into text() if you get it from untrusted source. For example, SQLAlchemy happily allowed: .order_by(text('id desc; DROP TABLE important_table;')) to go into generated SQL, although some other error prevented this to be executed in my case.
    – Karol Zlot
    Sep 9 at 10:15

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