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I Have a problem in the reset, as you see i have set the status default as ACTIVE, and only one record can be selected, after selecting the record user can click ADD WO


But when click on the Reset button the whole status bar changes


I also set the dafaultvalue to ACTIVE also..!! I Have to keep the status active, when it resets..!!Plz help me

function initJqGridSearchSubProject(table,pager,msg,loadSelID,caption,chkMrk ){

 var mygrid =jQuery(table).jqGrid({
    datatype: "local",      
    width: 1240,
    height: 250,
    colNames:['ID','PID','Project Folder Name','Sub Project Name','Responsible','Status','Last Updated On'],
    {name:'id',index:'id',hidden:true, width:5, sorttype:"int", editable: false,resizable:false},
    {name:'pid',hidden:true, width:5, sorttype:"int", editable: false,resizable:false},
    {name:'projectFolderName', width:250, editable: true,formatter:'tsLinks'},
    {name:'subProjectName', width:250, editable: true,formatter:'subProjectLinks'},
    //{name:'eCNNumber', width:150, editable: true},                
    {name:'responsible', width:200, editable:false,resizable:false},
    {name:'status', width:100,editable: true,stype:'select',edittype:"select",resizable:false,searchoptions:{defaultValue:"ACTIVE"},editoptions:{value:"ACTIVE:ACTIVE;INACTIVE:INACTIVE;DELETED:DELETED",readonly:false},editrules:{edithidden:false}}, 
    {name:'lastUpdatedOn', width:200,editable: false,resizable:false,sorttype:'date',formatter:'date',formatoptions:{ srcformat: 'M d y H:i:s', newformat: 'd M y h:i A' }}

    pager: pager,
    gridview : true,
    sortname: 'lastUpdatedOn',                  
    viewrecords: true,
    sortorder: "desc",                  
    singleselect: false, 
    //toolbar: [true,'both'],                   
    hidegrid: false,
    //alert('grid complete');
    beforeSelectRow: function(rowid, e)
        // reset check box selection only when user clicks on another checkbox
            // reset/clear other checkboxes selection before making a latest clicked row's checkbox as selected

        // Code To Disable Check Box Selection When User Selects by Clicking on A Row
        return $(e.target).is("input:checkbox");

jQuery(table).jqGrid('navButtonAdd', table+ '_toppager_left',{caption:"Add WO", buttonicon:"ui-icon ui-icon-plus",id:"SUBPROJID", onClickButton: function(){},position:"first",title:"Add WO"});
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What you have done is that you have set the defaultValue option in searchoptions and not in editoptions. You just have to add the same there. Just try changing the definition of status column as below :

{name:'status', width:100,editable: true,stype:'select',edittype:"select",
readonly:false, defaultValue:"ACTIVE"},editrules:{edithidden:false}},

Update :

To call the line inside of beforeRefresh event handler you can do as follows :

  { edit:false,view:false,add:false,del:false,search:false,
    beforeRefresh: function(){
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Still am getting the same issue...i think there's something to do with the reset..should we declare any function..??? –  Sendhil Kumar Apr 4 '13 at 5:15
Can we set the defaultValue: ACTIVE in reset button..? –  Sendhil Kumar Apr 4 '13 at 5:17
I dont think so. when refresh is set to true a reset button is a result on the toolbar.When the button is clicked a trigger(“reloadGrid”) is executed and the search parameters are cleared –  Ajo Koshy Apr 4 '13 at 5:17
If you need to do some actions before refresh will be started you should use beforeRefresh callback: $("#grid_id").jqGrid('navGrid', '#gridpager', { beforeRefresh: function () { // some code here } }); Else you should set refresh : false and use your own custom button –  Ajo Koshy Apr 4 '13 at 5:20
So shall i remove the searchoptions in the status row? –  Sendhil Kumar Apr 4 '13 at 5:23
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Finally got the result, i just added the triggerToolbar() inside the reset button function.


And now its working fine..!

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