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        delay: 100,
        revert: true,
        containment: $(this).closest(".roomblock_content"), 
        start: function( event, ui) {
            $(this).css("z-index", "200");
        stop: function( event, ui) {

The containment option for JQuery UI just seems to be broken. Unless I clone div.con_user and reapply the draggable, it doesn't seem to respect the containment option at all.

Could it be due to the fact that I have many .roomblock_content elements in my page, or because my draggable is contained inside a droppable?

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot the HTML markup. Here it is:

<div class="roomblock_content">
    <div class="roomblock_col1">
        <div class="roomblock_pool_box">
            <span class="roomblock_pool_title"> Pool </span>

            <ul class="roomblock_slots">
                    <div class="con_user prepaid_con"> </div>
                    <div class="con_user prepaid_con"> </div>
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I think you are wrongly setting the containment option of draggable. It should be like below:

 containment: ".roomblock_content",


Hope this works for you :)

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