I am a Windows Phone developer and just started with Windows Store Apps. I want my app to only work in Portrait Mode even when the device is tilted to Landscape (I don't want the app to change to landscape mode). How can I set my Windows Store app up to accomplish this?


In the app manifest, you can set the supported rotations:

enter image description here

That said you may have an issue in certification as a result, since snapped mode is a requirement. Snapped mode applies to landscape orientation, so it would seem to be something you wouldn't need to do, but as this thread suggests, you may have an issue. A possible workaround would be to provide a nominal landscape view that simply says the app runs only in portrait mode, but I would heavily document your rationale for supporting only portrait in the "Notes to Testers" when you submit your app to the store.

  • Its not working in the simulator.While changing the orientation on simulator the App also changing its Orientations.Plz give a piece of code to set my application in Potrait mode default even the orientation changes in the device or simulator. – GY1 Apr 4 '13 at 11:18
  • 1
    correct, it won't work in the simulator because the mechanism relies on the accelerometer on the device to indicate the orientation change. There's more additional information in this blog post if you're keen on having it work in the simulator, but you'll be fine on the actual device. – Jim O'Neil Apr 4 '13 at 14:16

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